I am French, living in Switzerland, in a small city called Birrhard. I grew up in Burgundy, in the eastern part of France. It is where my parents, especially my father, introduced me to the the joys of nature : hiking in the mountains, walking in the forests, wildlife watching, etc. At the age of 11, I took my first photograph: a creek. It definitely triggered something in me! Since then, I have devoted a big part of my free time to photography, in the natural environment, with great respect for the tranquility of the wild world my father instilled in me.

Progressively, I discovered other forms of photography and I am actually working as a freelance photographer for some magazines and newspapers (German, French and English) in domain sports, mode, events, weddings, etc. But my first “love” is still present and I never miss an occasion to take pictures of a beautiful and peaceful landscape.

Our roots are deep in the woods, among mosses, around springs. Emile GALLE.

As the author of this proverb, I truly believe that once we were somewhere “connected” with nature. Unfortunately, we lost this bond, being too preoccupied to earn what is necessary to live or to try to find a “better” situation. Robert Haynart wrote “fight for the nature to avoid the condemnation of man”. I share this conception, priory evident, but nevertheless far from having been led. Our society, indeed, remains focused on some economic and social anxieties. At what price? The daily disappearance of numerous animal and vegetable species caused by the destruction of their living space.

Anyway ; through these galleries, I would like to try to bring you to the places where the pictures were taken, that you can also feel the atmosphere, the smell of the woods, the humidity of the air and the softness of the moss.

I still believe in the power of the images to reveal the beauty of the nature, to participate in an awareness of the dangers which threaten it.